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Surfers of our website have found the sites below helpful. Our list keeps growing thanks to your interest and ideas! There are some additions and corrections. We do appreciate your feedback and we apologize if you have emailed us in the past few months and we did not respond. We lost mail in cyberspace, but are happy to say we are now back on track.
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You might find a topic here that interests you and your family. Our thanks to Kathleen Carter of Educator Labs for providing these links!


Recycling Basics


40 Tips To Go Green At Home


Make Your Home into a "Green" Energy Machine


Conserving Water


The Guide to Green Plumbing


Energy Efficient Tax Credits, Rebates and Financing


Financial Incentives for Green Home Improvements


The Green Parent: Your Kid-Friendly Guide to Earth-Friendly Living


The Dog Lover's Guide to Sustainable Living

Catch the passion and enthusiasm in the message below from Kathleen Carter (from

“If everyone lived like the average American, we'd need 5 planets to survive. That shocking statistic should make us all jump to action! Living green and efficiently is a way to help ourselves save money while also saving the environment in the long run. There are simple things we can change about how we live on a daily basis to make this happen - and I want to make sure everyone knows about them.

As someone who’s dedicated herself to making information accessible - starting with students, but really extending through the public at large - I feel very strongly about empowering people with knowledge. I’ve been gathering energy efficiency & green living resources (listed at the top of this page), and I’d like to ask you to please share these with your audience.”


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